Kettlebility offers group classes and personal training led by skilled instructors dedicated to helping women and men of all ages and fitness levels get fit, strong, resilient, moving well and feeling good inside and out. Using the kettlebell and your own body weight as tools, our instructors will give you a great workout and challenge you while keeping you safe: We don’t train with pain. But we do train smart, with your individual needs and goals in mind. At Kettlebility, strength means being able to do what you want, when you want, without hesitation or risk of injury. At Kettlebility, we understand the brain-body connection and use it to get results and instill healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  This is why we also offer FMS, or functional movement screen, a research-based approach to identifying and correcting physical imbalances or weaknesses. And it’s why we incorporate elements of Z-Health, a brain-based fitness system, and Ground Force Method (GFM), which is founded on functional movement and using the body as a unit- both systems which are used by elite athletes to improve the body’s performance and durability.

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