WARNING! Group kettlebell training is fun and addictive, you will never go back to globo-gyms or aerobic classes again!For anyone who likes the fun and excitement of a group setting. Group classes will range from 6-15 people on average.

We combine kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and sweat in a fun and intense interval style. Kettlebility's unique approach makes classes challenging but flexible enough for individuals of all fitness levels. All Group Classes cover the areas of Joint Mobility, Strength, Cardio Conditioning, Muscle Tone, Fat Loss and Flexibility/ Range of Motion and Injury Prevention.


  • Detailed instructions for safe lifting
  • Safety Safety Safety
  • Hard Work and attention on the deeper practice of form
  • Ability to work at your own pace, fit or unfit, young or old doesn't matter
  • Personalization in a group setting, for special needs such as injuries or personal goals
  • Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, real flexibility training, Primal Movement
  • A positive encouraging group environment, so expect kudos when you do something really good!

In our Kettlebell classes, you will EARN the right to progress by taking a skills test to advance from level to level. At the end of each class is a note for the prerequisite, and a link to our skills test page.


    Learn how to move better and become more durable—building a solid foundation for healthy, pain-free movement from which to grow your strength and fitness. We’ll teach you Indian clubs, Z-Health mobility drills, Ground Force Method flows, and other practices to keep you limber and capable. No prerequisite.


    Going heavy keeps us strong. And being stronger makes everything easier (not to mention building more resilient bones, boosting muscle mass, and ramping up the metabolism.) This barbell-centric class is designed as a progression; you will benefit most by coming each week. (That said, weekly attendance is not required.) Prerequisite, passing Groove Your Swing.


    Ramp up your game and get the work capacity, skills, and neural drive of an athlete. Improve balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, speed, and neural plasticity to help you get better at whatever sports you enjoy—or just get better, period. Classes may incorporate moves and equipment like kettlebell juggling and side-step swings, TRX, battling ropes, balance beams and medicine balls. Prerequisite, passing Groove Your Swing.


    Build a solid foundation for real strength

    This is where is all starts!

    Learn the PROPER and SAFE way to use kettlebells! Kettlebells are an amazing training tool when used properly. Whether you are a beginner, or want to revisit the basics of your swing form, Kettlebility ensures proper, safe, and effective instruction by only allowing SFG School of Strength instructors to teach you.

    Groove Your Swing covers proper stance, body positions, angles, timing, and breathing involved in the Swing, the cornerstone movement of the SFG School of Strength. The class continues on with the proper method and timing of muscle activation/relaxation cycles to maximize strength development, force generation, and dynamic flexibility — all incredibly important to ensure the safety and optimization of the benefits during kettlebell training sessions.

    Groove Your Swing is the perfect introduction to the best and safest way to use kettlebells for dramatic gains in strength, fitness and fat loss. Join us now! And when you’re ready, take a short skills test and graduate into our 3-Elements Class and continue on the path of strong healthy movement! ** no prerequisite.

    • Andrea U-Shi Chang

      Andrea U-Shi Chang

      "Own your movement. Earn your strength."

      Andrea U-Shi Chang, Senior SFG Instructor, CK-FMS,
      Primal Move Global Instructor, Z-Health Certified Movement Coach
      Owner, Lead Instructor

      Andrea has been training with kettlebells since 2005. At that point the former college soccer player and competitive tennis player was on the verge of 40. And she wasn’t happy with how she felt. Though she had stayed active (she thought) playing tennis and working out regularly at the gym, at 195 pounds and 34% body fat she was technically obese. She had trouble sleeping. Her body ached. She knew she had to make a change to get back to her true self.

      When a childhood friend introduced her to kettlebells she was hooked—and the weight started to fall off. In just five months, Andrea lost 45 pounds and dropped to 17% body fat. Kettlebells literally transformed her life. After having spent two decades working in real estate, Andrea dedicated herself to Kettlebility.

      Since earning her Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification directly from Pavel in 2006, she has followed her passion to share her continued learning about the body, movement and the mind-body connection (not just in advanced kettlebell forms but modalities such as tai chi). Andrea has coached and certified hundreds of instructors worldwide. She was tapped in 2016 by the Seattle Seahawks to set up their Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screening program for players. Andrea is a senior SFG Instructor (the only one in Washington State), a Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist, Primal Move Global Instructor, Training for Warriors certified, and a Z-Health Certified Movement Coach. Today, stronger and in better shape than ever, Andrea is a role model to many. She brings her trademark sense of humor to her training while simultaneously kicking your butt.

      You can read her Hardstyle Magazine article, ‘Kettlebells to the Rescue: A Total Transformation’ HERE.



      7 Questions with Andrea

      1.    Favorite health food you couldn’t live without:

      Fatty pork. Chinese-style, braised fatty pork. OMG. It’s amazing. I cook my great aunt’s fatty pork. (I know it’s not really a health food. Sigh.)

      2.     Favorite non-health food you couldn’t live without:

      See above. Fatty pork.

      3.     Favorite KB movement:

      So many … When my shoulder was destroyed (playing tennis, then surgery) and I couldn’t do anything I dreamed about snatching.

      4.     Proudest moment?

      Seeing my son coming into his own physically and mentally as a real, strong, intelligent, viable person. He’s 13.

      5.     Who are your heroes?

      Martina Navratilova, Jack LaLanne (known as “the godfather of fitness”), Hillary Clinton and my mom. My mom is the most hardworking woman. We grew almost all our own food growing up. She sewed all of our clothes. She made our backpacks, our sleeping bags, our tents. We still have them. And then she became an entrepreneur and ran a Chinese restaurant in Albuquerque. She worked her fingers to the bone. Martina showed me how physically strong and skilled a woman can be. Jack embodies the attitude of “don’t ever stop.” Here’s a guy who was doing one-arm pushups the week before he got pneumonia and died (at age 96). Hillary represents things like fortitude, directness, hard work. Those are not considered positive attributes, unfortunately, because she’s a woman. I feel a kinship with her because of that.

      6.     What’s on your bucket list?

      Mostly travel: I want to take my son to the Louvre, to Rome. I want to go to Patagonia. We’re going to Mongolia soon. And I have a ton of movement goals, too. I know I’ll be stronger at age 80 than I was at 20. Freestanding handstand pushup. That’s the golden ring for me.

      7.    Your mantra?

      Own your movement, earn your strength.

      Read Andrea’s Instructor Reviews HERE.

      Skills & Credentials

      • Senior SFG Instructor
      • CK-FMS
      • (Certified Kettlebell and Functional Movement Specialist)
      • Primal Move Global Instructor
      • Z-Health Certified Movement Coach

      Email Andrea:


    Kettlebell Bootcamp

    Amp up with our Kettlbell Bootcamp class!

    No matter your level, from beginner to advanced kettlebeller, if you want a fast paced, high energy workout to burn fat fast and make your day, this is it! Join us for a fun, challenging workout at the Kettlebility Studio. This class will definitely challenge any student’s strength, muscle endurance, cardio-conditioning, and mobility, no matter what level of athlete you are!

    Prerequisite: Groove Class skills test (*This class is also available to new members enrolled in the ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ – skills are modified appropriately for Challenge members) – Ask an instructor for details.

    View the Groove Your Swing Skills Test here: SKILLS TESTS


    Intermediate level skills start with 3E!

    Intermediate skill training in 3E!

    The 3-Elements Class reviews everything you learned in the Groove Your Swing Class and takes you further, cementing proper movement patterns and techniques, and introduces you to two additional kettlebell movements, the Goblet Squat and the Get Up. Together with the Swing, the three exercises embody the cornerstone movements of the SFG School of Strength. 3-Elements includes active recovery and body weight exercises, Primal Movement and mobility drills, that make every class a movement adventure.

    Once proficient with the basics, test into the 6-Elements Class and take advantage of our Skills Workshop Classes, and take your fitness to the next level!

    **Prerequisite: Groove Class skills test
    View Skills Tests here: SKILLS TESTS


    More complex movements ad an extra dimension

    More complex movements for more dynamic work!

    Train like an SFG, learn and master the 6 core movements of the SFG School of Strength, the Swing, Clean, Press, Front Squat, Snatch and the Get Up. Build endurance and power as you learn more advanced drills and training progressions.

    The 6-Elements Class includes active recovery and body weight exercises, Primal Movements, mobility and flexibility drills, and an introduction to straight bar power lifting techniques — have fun getting STRONG while moving WELL…

    Prerequisite: 3E skills test
    View the Skills Tests here: SKILLS TESTS


    Refine your skills in all areas

    Develop and refine your skills

    Raise your training to a new level by taking advantage of our Skills Workshop Class where we concentrate on only ONE lift per session, laying a deep and complete foundation for the exercise to cement the movement pattern. Learn a new movement or deepen your skills practice. With Ah-Ha drills and by breaking down the technique into smaller chunks, (reverse engineering the movement), you will come away with a fuller understanding of the chosen lift.

    The Skills Workshop Class also concentrates on Primal Movement, Z-Health and FMS mobility techniques and flexibility training, take a look at our Facebook Fan Page and see what’s coming up next!

    **Open to all student who have graduated into the 3-Elements Class and above.

    View the Skills Tests here: SKILLS TESTS


    The pinnacle of hardstyle training

    Top level skills are here!

    Show us you are an avid scholar of the SFG School of Strength, a true believer of the Kettlebility experience and have mastered the 6-Elements Class, and be invited to join The Elite Class, Kettlebility’s advanced level training and techniques class…Train with your instructors and love every hardstyle moment…!

    **Prerequisite: Instructor invitation.


    Continue to build strength with new tools and techniques

    Build optimal strength with new tools and skills

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn advanced techniques and skills in this ongoing class

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