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For anyone who likes the fun and excitement of a group setting. Group classes will range from 6-15 people on average.

WARNING! Group kettlebell training is fun and addictive, you will never go back to aerobic classes again!

We combine kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and sweat in a fun and intense interval style. Kettlebility's unique approach makes classes challenging but flexible enough for individuals of all fitness levels. All Group Classes cover the areas of Joint Mobility, Strength, Cardio Conditioning, Muscle Tone, Fat Loss and Flexibility/ Range of Motion and Injury Prevention.

Additionally, we understand that a person may not be able to do certain exercises because of an injury or mobility restrictions. We will semi-customize this person's training in the class to ensure they work around injuries, etc. and have a full experience.  

What you can expect in a Group Class:
• Detailed instructions for safe lifting
• Safety Safety Safety
• Hard Work and attention on the deeper practice of form
• Ability to work at your own pace, fit or unfit, young or old doesn't matter
• Personalization in a group setting, for special needs such as injuries or personal goals
• Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, real flexibility training, Primal Movement
A positive encouraging group environment, so expect kudos when you do something really good!

In our Kettlebell classes, you will EARN the right to progress by taking a skills test to advance from level to level.  At the end of each class is a note for the prerequisite, and a link to our skills test page.

See our Calendar for class dates and start times.

Class Descriptions: 

All classes are subject to change.  See our membership levels HERE.

Kettlebell Bootcamp Class:

No matter your level, from beginner to advanced kettlebeller, if you want a fast paced, high energy workout to burn fat fast and make your day, this is it! Join us for a fun, challenging workout at the Kettlebility Studio. This class will definitely challenge any student's strength, muscle endurance, cardio-conditioning, and mobility, no matter what level of athlete you are! *Prerequisite: Groove Class skills test 

Groove Your Swing Class:

This is where it starts...! Learn the PROPER and SAFE way to use kettlebells!  Kettlebells are an amazing training tool when used properly.  Whether you are a beginner, or want to revisit the basics of your swing form, Kettlebility ensures proper, safe, and effective instruction by only allowing SFG School of Strength instructors to teach you.  

Groove Your Swing covers proper stance, body positions, angles, timing, and breathing involved in the Swing, the cornerstone movement of the SFG School of Strength.  The class continues on with the proper method and timing of muscle activation/relaxation cycles to maximize strength development, force generation, and dynamic flexibility -- all incredibly important to ensure the safety and optimization of the benefits during kettlebell training sessions.  

Groove Your Swing is the perfect introduction to the best and safest way to use kettlebells for dramatic gains in strength, fitness and fat loss.  Join us now!  

And when you're ready, take a short skills test and graduate into our 3-Elements Class and continue on the path of strong healthy movement!   ** no prerequisite. 

View the Groove Your Swing Skills Test here: SKILLS TESTS

3-Elements Class:

The 3-Elements Class reviews everything you learned in the Groove Your Swing Class and takes you further, cementing proper movement patterns and techniques, and introduces you to two additional kettlebell movements, the Goblet Squat and the Get Up.  Together with the Swing, the three exercises embody the cornerstone movements of the SFG School of Strength.  3-Elements includes active recovery and body weight exercises, Primal Movement and mobility drills, that make every class a movement adventure.
Once proficient with the basics, test into the 6-Elements Class and take advantage of our Skills Workshop Classes, and take your fitness to the next level!  **Prerequisite: Groove Class skills test 

View the 3-Elements Skills Test here: SKILLS TESTS

6-Elements Class:

Train like an SFG, learn and master the 6 core movements of the SFG School of Strength, the Swing, Clean, Press, Front Squat, Snatch and the Get Up.  Build endurance and power as you learn more advanced drills and training progressions.  The 6-Elements Class includes active recovery and body weight exercises, Primal Movements, mobility and flexibility drills, and an introduction to straight bar power lifting techniques -- have fun getting STRONG while moving WELL...  **Prerequisite: 3-Elements skills test

The Elite Class: 

Show us you are an avid scholar of the SFG School of Strength, a true believer of the Kettlebility experience and have mastered the 6-Elements Class, and be invited to join The Elite Class, Kettlebility's advanced level training and techniques class...Train with your instructors and love every hardstyle moment...!  **Prerequisite: Instructor invitation.

The Skills Workshop Class:

Raise your training to a new level by taking advantage of our Skills Workshop Class where we concentrate on only ONE lift per session, laying a deep and complete foundation for the exercise to cement the movement pattern. Learn a new movement or deepen your skills practice.  With Ah-Ha drills and by breaking down the technique into smaller chunks, (reverse engineering the movement), you will come away with a fuller understanding of the chosen lift.  

The Skills Workshop Class also concentrates on Primal Movement, Z-Health and FMS mobility techniques and flexibility training, take a look at our Facebook Fan Page and see what's coming up next! 

**Open to all student who have graduated into the 3-Elements Class and above.


B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bell FREE Kettlebell Workout):

This FREE kettlebell work out is for you if you are already training with Kettlebility, or have experience with kettlebells!  There is something for everyone, we promise you get a great workout and have fun too.  Always on Sundays, and always outside, rain or shine, at our Greenlake training location at 10:00am - check our Calendar for the date or sign up for our newsletter and get the announcement. ** No prerequisite - open to the public :)