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If so, you are READY for Kettlebility's
12-Week Body Transformation Challenge
Summer session starts Saturday, May 17th at 2pm!
New Goals, New Body. New Life!

 Listen to what Angie, our summer Challlenge winner has to say about how the Kettlebility Challenge has changed her life...
Every once in a while it’s great to get a group of highly motivated people together to make some big changes happen. By entering this challenge you have put yourself in a position to succeed like never before. There will be tons of social support and accountability to keep you focused and on track. 

If you're ready for the challenge, go here: REGISTER NOW

Read what Sara has to say:

I knew I needed help making changes, when I realized how much mental energy I had spent over the last 12+ years unhappy with my weight.  I had tried kettlebells before, and had taken some classes, but hadn't been able to make much progress on my own.  After taking a body fat analysis, I ran into Andrea, and she encouraged me to sign up for the body transformation challenge.  I had seen it advertised in the newsletter before, but always had some excuse why I couldn't do it.  Something inside me said, stop making excuses! 

It's hard for me to pick out what I liked most about the Challenge, as it all worked so well for me.   To me, the keys were:

  • the instructors
  • the commitment
  • the camaraderie
  • and the accountability

The instruction is TOP-NOTCH.  All the instructors give good feedback, both when our form is good, and what to improve.  They all have positive, encouraging attitudes, and work us hard! 

The commitment was crucial for me, as there were many days when I was tired after work, and really didn't want to go.  But knowing I had to, I dragged myself there, and worked out.  Invariably, I *did* feel better working out, and the sense of accomplishment only grew as I saw results.  The camaraderie also helped, especially on tough days, or days when I got discouraged.  It never felt like a competition, and everyone really encouraged each other.  
The accountability with the food logs and weekly check-ins really kept me on track.  Knowing someone would be checking in on me every week provided the extra incentive I needed.  Sometimes all the willpower and self-talk doesn't help when facing a piece of chocolate cake, but knowing someone will see your food log provides that extra nudge to resist.  
I was so happy with the results of my first Challenge, that I’M ALREADY PLANNING TO SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT ONE!   Yes, I might be able to reach my goal on my own, but I KNOW I will if I participate in the Challenge!

—Sara lost 14.5 pounds and 5% body fat in 12 weeks

If you're ready for the challenge, go here: REGISTER NOW


To top it off, you will also be eligible to win some really GREAT prizes! Really, EVERYONE WINS because they will have met their fitness goals quicker than ever before. But, nothing beats a little extra incentive to keep your eyes on the prize!

Read what Karin has to say:

I love this challenge!  I love it so much I'VE DONE  IT 3 TIMES NOW AND AM 40 POUNDS LIGHTER because of it!! 

The main reason I'm such a fan of this challenge is because IT WORKS, IT MOTIVATES and it's FUN!!  I absolutely love the group atmosphere and camaraderie that develops as the weeks progress.  Even though we are in "competition" to win, everyone is extremely supportive and fun to work out with and at the end of the day we all know that we are winners for just participating

I'm also a big fan of the accountability this challenge provides.  It is so easy in our busy lives to come up with a bunch of excuses why we can't make the time to workout or eat right and somehow, when you are held accountable, those excuses seem to fly right out the window.  There has been many a morning when my alarm clock has gone off, and I've started to mentally cycled down the list of excuses in my mind on why I can't possibly get up and work out this morning… and you know what?  With this challenge it's really hard to find one! 

I cannot finish writing my testimonial without talking about the trainers.  I love them all, they are top notch!  I really cannot say enough good things about them.  I've paid for personal training sessions at a traditional gym before and never had a good experience so I was very skeptical at first about them. 

  • - Did they really know what they were talking about? 
  • - Did they really care about me? 
  • - Is it just going to be a cookie cutter workout for everyone or will they consider my fitness level? 
And I can categorically say, "Yes".  They KNOW what they are talking about, they care about their clients, and they are great at providing that right level of motivation and push to succeed while still being understanding of individual limitations and fitness levels. 
If you want to start getting healthy, get in shape and have fun doing it then I HIGHLY recommend this Body Transformation Challenge!!!

—Karin has now lost over 90 pounds in her transformation journey!

So, here’s how it works:

We build your training from week to week, adding to each element of your fitness growing your individual abilities -- you will be amazed at the progress you make with your strength and conditioning.  Not only will your aerobic conditioning go through the roof as the weeks progress, but you'll get stronger and stronger - you will see the results as you move up the chain of kettlebells and bodyweight movements...!  Tracking your gains is easy, the kettlebells just get bigger and bigger and your recovery time gets shorter and shorter!

Here's what you get:


If you're ready for the challenge, go here: REGISTER NOW


 Here's when classes* are: CLASS CALENDAR
*Class times are subject to change
 What's not to like???  Wayne loved it, he lost over 25lbs in 12 weeks!!!


Lots of folks in Kettlebility's Dramatic Results Kettlebell Bootcamp Body Transformation Challenge have lost weight, some almost 30lbs!  But more importantly, they ALL, independent of weight loss, got a lot STRONGER, gained ENDURANCE, and UPPED THEIR FITNESS to levels that they had never achieved before!

Kim lost 16lbs and 4% body fat!!!


                                        Kim before                   Kim after!!!

Read what Kim told us about her experience:
I have been active, cycling consistently and working out, but I really needed a jumpstart to get my weight down.  Not only did the Boot Camp make me work hard and have fun doing it, but you really helped me get my eating habits in order!  Thanks - you have helped me change my life - and I LOVE MY KETTLEBELLS!!!" 

More Challenge information:
  • Challengers must attend at least 2 of the Dramatic Results Bootcamp classes each week but a minumum of 4 group classes in total.  However, you may come to as many classes as you wish!  All classes must be registered for ahead of time on-line via our website.
  • Accountability:
  •  - For every unexcused missed class you will have to pay $50 to rejoin the group or your Challenge membership will be cancelled.
  •  - For every weekly success check list and food log or weight-in not turned in you will have to pay $50 to rejoin the group or your Challenge membership will be cancelled.
    **All bootcampers will submit their schedules to Kettlebility - all absences not noted will be unexcused absences - illness and family emergencies excepted. All monies collected for absences will be donated to the charity of your choice.
  • Everybody in the challenge MUST submit before pictures on or before the beginning of the 12-week session.  We will take pictures on the first day of the Challenge, which is Saturday, May 17th @ 2pm - which is our mandatory Get Started Meeting.  
  • Challengers must attend the GETTING STARTED meeting on May 17th, 2014 at 2pm to be eligible for the challenge.  This meeting is MANDATORY to be able to participate in this challenge!  At this meeting all key programs and handouts will be provided and explained.  Expectations for the group will be discussed.
  • During the challenge, Bootcampers will log their weight, take body fat measurements, and turn in food logs and Success checklists, as well as complete homework assignments.
  • "After" pictures and measurements will be taken the last week of the Challenge prior to classes.

Read what Dave and Laura Musselwhite have to say:

We have participated in two Kettlebility Body Transformation Challenges together and it has changed the way we work out together, our eating habits and our whole outlook on fitness. 

After years of going to the gym together and trying to work out on our own, we FINALLY found something that challenges BOTH of us, without intimidating either of us.  On the contrary, we find the support and guidance of the Kettlebility trainers to be essential in helping keep us both on track.  Together we have lost a total of 35 pounds since June! 

We will have a special end of challenge potluck at the Kettlebility Studio for the whole group to recognize EVERYONE’s accomplishments and to announce the winners of the special prizes below:

Challenge Winner:

1 Month Platinum Membership - Unlimited Kettlebility Group Classes for YOU**
2 One-Month FREE Kettlebility Group Class Passes for NEW Friends or Family

Challenge Runner-up:

1 Month Platinum Membership - Unlimited Kettlebility Group Classes for YOU**
2 One-Month FREE Kettlebility Group Class Passes for NEW Friends or Family

**winner awards of group classes must start within one month after the end of the Challenge.


If you're ready for the challenge, go here: REGISTER NOW



This is going totally amazing and a life-changing experience for all. We cannot wait to get started...

“Come get some!” says Kettlebility!