In the world of nutrition, there is so much information. It can be totally overwhelming.
When we try and understand it all, we get bogged down. Pretty soon we’re concerned about being “KETO”, fasting and finding reishi mushroom tea.
Truth is I advise all these things, but even if you cut out all carbs, fast for 16 hours daily and eat every superfood, you will spend a heck of a lot of money and your pants will fit the same.


UNLESS you are nailing this skill every day; Hit your baselines.
These are the 4 most simple nutrition skills you MUST do daily for your body to get stronger and drop body fat.
The cool thing is they are super simple and inexpensive.
The tricky part is making them happen every darn day.
1. Sleep- 7 hours minimum
2. Water- 3 liters minimum
3. Vegetables- 5 cups dark leafy greens minimum
4. Vit D & Fish Oil -(boost nutrient absorption + reduce inflammation)

This can be hard to sustain. Us busy humans have busy days and we love to add on. For example, instead of getting to bed, we stay up too late and wake up the next day feeling lethargic. We attempt to fix this with a healthy green smoothie and a sweaty workout.

The hard fact is you cannot out-smoothie or out-swing the effects of poor sleep.
Despite our very advanced world, the human body is designed to always need these 4 things before seeing any real results that last. Many of us students at Kettlebility know this feeling all too well, including me! This is just like how we train at Kettlebility.
First, you must pass “Groove Your Swing” Everyone must nail the 4 baseline skills (deadlift, swing, goblet squat & Turkish get-up) – skip these 4 moves and you’ll get nowhere fast. In fact, you may go backward – you are not getting stronger, your pants fit the same and your back is bugging you. Trust me, I know…


I passed the Kettlebility foundations 8 years ago. BUT l let these 4 classic moves slip. I got distracted, life got busy – I lost my foundations. I skipped straight to snatches and heavy front squats… I let my kettlebell baselines go. I added too much. Now I’m back at first base, swinging away and spending a lot of time and money fixing myself so I can sustain higher strength, see and feel a better body!

More is not better, better is better. And better is all of us hitting our four nutrition baselines every darn day:
Get good sleep, down more H20, eat more natural greens foods & get your D + fish oil (or flax). Once you have that going daily – THEN we can talk about being “KETO”, fasting and finding reishi mushroom tea.


breannecurranWritten by Breanne Curran: AASDN Nutrition Specialist, CHHC Health Coach, SFG1, NSCA CPT, and Functional Movement Specialist


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