This is where is all starts!

Learn the PROPER and SAFE way to use kettlebells! Kettlebells are an amazing training tool when used properly. Whether you are a beginner, or want to revisit the basics of your swing form, Kettlebility ensures proper, safe, and effective instruction by only allowing SFG School of Strength instructors to teach you.

Groove Your Swing covers proper stance, body positions, angles, timing, and breathing involved in the Swing, the cornerstone movement of the SFG School of Strength. The class continues on with the proper method and timing of muscle activation/relaxation cycles to maximize strength development, force generation, and dynamic flexibility — all incredibly important to ensure the safety and optimization of the benefits during kettlebell training sessions.

Groove Your Swing is the perfect introduction to the best and safest way to use kettlebells for dramatic gains in strength, fitness and fat loss. Join us now! And when you’re ready, take a short skills test and graduate into our 3-Elements Class and continue on the path of strong healthy movement! ** no prerequisite.

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