• Blake Parsons

    Blake Parsons

    Blake Parsons, SFG1, FMS 2, Certified Yoga Teacher

    It’s a stretch to say that Blake started training with kettlebells because of a traumatic brain injury he suffered in 2011. But it’s not a stretch to say that the Redmond native credits kettlebells with helping him ultimately recover from it.

    A 21st birthday celebration at college ended with Blake falling over a ledge, landing face-first on concrete, and being airlifted from Ellensburg to Seattle’s Harborview Hospital with a battered and bleeding brain. He spent two weeks in the hospital, two days of which he was in a coma.

    After being released, “I had severe short- and long-term memory loss and motor control loss,” Blake says. “I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do anything really.”

    Slowly, with simple weight lifting and, eventually, yoga, he began his recovery. After graduating—on time—from Central Washington University with his B.S. in Exercise Science, Blake started working as a trainer at a Bellevue gym. But, even a year out from his accident, he says, “my body was fairly weak, disconnected, unfunctional and unbalanced.”

    Enter kettlebells, in 2012.

    “When I got into kettlebells, my body was finally strong,” Blake says. “It was a strength I had never felt before. I finally felt good, strong and able. Kettlebells changed my life for the better.”

    Blake has been teaching kettlebells ever since, joining the Kettlebility team in July 2018. Incidentally, the 28-year-old also credits kettlebells with fixing chronic injuries from a youth spent in extreme sports (primarily motocross). These days, you’re more likely to find him indulging in hiking, biking or kayaking. Fun Blake fact: He traveled for two years across Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. (And doesn’t regret a minute of it.)

    Today, seven years out from his near-death experience, Blake still relies on kettlebells for both physical and mental wellness.

    “I need to keep strong or I start falling apart! Mental health is the BIGGEST reason I train,” Blake says. “If if I don’t, my whiney mind takes over and I lack confidence and discipline.”

    To help keep others’ “whiney minds” at bay, Blake will soon be offering Kettlebility students a class that marries his love of both kettlebells and yoga flow.

    Blake’s certifications include StrongFirst SFG1, FMS Level 2 and First Aid CPR/AED. Blake also earned his 200-hour yoga instructor certification.


    7 Questions with Blake


    1. Favorite health food you couldn’t live without:


    1. Favorite non-health food you couldn’t live without:


    1. Favorite KB technique:

    Turkish Get Up

    1. Proudest moment:

    Graduating (college) on time after my traumatic brain injury and giving the commencement speech at graduation.

    1. Who are your heroes?                            

    My father and myself.

    1. What’s on your bucket list?

    I knocked off a lot already! But more traveling, living abroad and becoming a StrongFirst Master Instructor.

    1. Your mantra?

    Everything that happens is the best possible thing that can happen.

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