• David Lind

    David Lind

    Introduced to kettlebells in 2010 as a trainer by his former boss (none other than Kettlebility’s own Andrea Perez), David “fell in love with the kettlebell from day one.” As a former football player and onetime competitive amateur bodybuilder, David liked the kettlebell’s ballistic movement and the way kettlebell training built his overall strength and range of motion.

    “Kettlebell training really shifted me from working isolated muscles to working more systemically and fluidly. And that’s how our bodies work in everyday life,” David says. “People would say, ‘what’s the swing good for?’ And I can honestly say, ‘everything.’ For me, kettlebell training is almost like meditation. It forces me to focus mentally and physically.”

    David even credits kettlebells with helping him earn his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Seattle Pacific University. “Kettlebells were one of the main things that helped me understand biomechanics and how the human body works,” he says. “They’re like an exercise math problem for nerds like me.”

    A certified kettlebell instructor since 2012, David has been a Kettlebility instructor since 2015. His certifications include SFG, FMS2, GFM, USAW, TFW.

    7 Questions with David

    Favorite health food you couldn’t live without?

    “Zoodles,” aka zucchini noodles. I love pasta and it allows me get my fix without actually eating 10,000 calories for dinner.

    Favorite non-health food you couldn’t live without?

    Crunchy Cheetos.

    Favorite KB move?

    The snatch. With the Turkish get-up a close second. To me, the snatch is the most whole-body-focused movement and requires the most core strength.

    Proudest moment?

    Getting my bachelors of science degree while working full time. And the moment my math-and-science dad finally wasn’t able to help me with a biomechanics problem.

    Who are your heroes?

    Andrea U-Shi Chang has been a role model and my coach for years now. She’s been the most influential person in my adult life, pushing me to take what I’m doing to the highest level as a coach. And my dad. He really made college possible for me and taught me a strict work ethic. He’s an immigrant, coming here from Estonia without speaking English, really with nothing, and earning a double major in math and physics. He managed to instill in me the need to work hard without overly pushing me himself, which is a skill.

    What’s on your bucket list?

    Becoming a firefighter. Traveling to all the continents in my lifetime.

    Your mantra?

    “Run hard and run blind.” That’s tattooed on my body. Rhinos run fast but can only see a limited distance ahead of them. So if an obstacle comes up, they just duck their heads and run right through it. In life we can only see a little bit ahead and control just a small piece. And when obstacles inevitably surface, we can choose to move forward and not get blocked.

    Another is a General George S. Patton quote that’s always resonated with me: “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” Having fear doesn’t mean you’re not courageous. It’s standing strong despite the fear.


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