Dear Kettlebility Family,

As King County cautiously moves to Phase 2, we’re delighted to announce that Kettlebility will re-open—in appropriately modified form—on Monday, June 22nd! Below is our Phase2 Schedule for the week:


Here are the important details for registering for classes during Phase2:

  • Registration for classes IN-PERSON at the studio close 1 hour before class.
    • We will be offering Strengthy, Sweaty, GFM/S&S, 3E&6E Kettlebell classes, and Barbell classes AT THE STUDIO!
    • IF there are two classes available – please make it a priority to register for #1 (for example, register for Strengthy #1 if there are still spots before registering for Strengthy #2)
  • You can cancel up to 2 hours before class, this allows one of our Kettlebility Family members on the waitlist to get your spot.
  • If you are waitlisted and a spot opens up, you will be notified via text or email one hour before class.
    • Please make sure that you have enabled text or email reminders from your Mindbody User account at the studio. You can access that under the “PROFILE” tab in your user account. If you haven’t allowed us to send notifications to you, you may not receive your updates!
  • If you are unable to attend class in person at the studio, ALL classes will also be streamed Online LIVE so you can train with us from your home!
    • Registration for Online LIVE classes are open until class starts, and you can cancel at anytime before class start time 🙂
    • Join our Online LIVE classes with this Zoom link:

      Meeting ID: 880 6089 3468

      Password: swing!

  • When you register for class you may see two or more classes for each time slot, please make sure you pick the appropriate class!



Hooray! What will classes look like? Please read CAREFULLY!

  • Max of 6 students per class.
  • If the in-studio class is full (or you are waitlisted and don’t get into your chosen class time), you can still take that class remotely via ZOOM.
  • Registration tips are all detailed above.

We re-open with an abbreviated schedule, but our goal going forward is to increase the number and the diversity of class offerings as there is appropriate demand. Stay tuned for a member survey in the coming weeks so we know how we can construct our class offerings to best meet your needs and to serve our community.

Besides our small classes, and your ability to continue to join our classes and your community from home, we want to share with you everything else we’re doing to protect the health of our members and instructors. Our safety procedures below follow CDC, WHO, and King County public health guidelines. All instructors have been briefed on the new procedures, which apply to both them and to you as students. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe 🙂

Before coming to the studio: 

  • Plan to arrive early (Our check-in procedure will take a bit longer to keep everyone safe).
  • Bring a mask (We have an emergency stash available but prefer you bring your own).
  • Bring a towel (or two!) and water bottle (While we will no longer supply towels and cups, you can still use the kitchen sink water filter to fill/refill your water bottle).

Arrival at studio:

  • We will meet you at the front door and check your temperature with a no-touch forehead thermometer. We can’t admit you if you have a fever (Running or biking before arrival? Give yourself enough time to cool down so your temperature can return to normal).
  • Once in the studio, take off your shoes, find your training area, and deposit all your personal items on your work area mat (Student work areas will be marked to maintain social distance).
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before class and remember to observe social distancing.

During class:

  • Wait for your instructor’s advice before choosing your kettlebells and any other equipment.
  • We will not do any partner work or move from station to station.
  • You will train at your personal work area mat at all times.
  • We don’t recommend gloves: sweat makes latex slippery and therefore dangerous.
  • Instructors will wear masks; students will wear masks.

After class:

  • Students bring their kettlebells and any other equipment used to a cleaning station or left at your personal work station for Kettlebility staff to sanitize after each class.
  • Wash your hands again!
  • Take all your belongings with you when leaving the studio to minimize transmission risk (especially water bottles, towels, training clothes and masks.)
  • We have scheduled enough time between classes to sanitize and clean each student work area mat, all commonly touched surfaces, bathrooms, and training areas.

Please note that the studio has an high efficiency HVAC filtration system that continually pulls the inside air out and brings fresh air in. We also have additional high efficiency exhaust fans on both sides to continually pull “dead” air out of our space. We’ve painted, organized and deep cleaned every aspect of the studio, and we are beyond excited to welcome you back!

We appreciate your help and look forward to getting stronger with you again in person. We are better together!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us during this time. We promise to pay it forward..

Andrea and Vic

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