Kettlebility offers training services for everyone.
Check out the list below and decide what works best for you. If you aren’t sure, contact us for a free consultation, and we will help you decide what is best for your needs.

If you think the price is too high, just realize that most people spend more than this at Starbucks in a 2-week period! We cater to clients who want to see real results that will last for the long term, not gimmicks or fluff.

Kettlebility trainers take a holistic approach to training. We don’t focus on just one area such as strength. Each training session will incorporate joint mobility for healthy joints, strength for toning muscles and/or building them if that is your goal, cardio and aerobic conditioning, core balancing, flexibility and as always free nutritional and lifestyle advice.

If you are injured you can’t exercise or enjoy life. We don’t want to put fitness on dysfunction or compensating movements. Are you sacrificing durability for performance? Or on a plateau but want to reach for the summit?

For us, the first order of business is to teach new clients how to lift safely and protect their joints at the same time. We use unique approaches from yoga, Physical Therapy, Functional Movement Screen, Z-Health, the StrongFirst principles of Kettlebell training and more. Whatever is going to make someone safer and stronger is what we use. The ability for you to perform to your desired level for as long as you want to is our goal. And no matter how advanced you are we will look for your weaknesses and areas that you can improve on and WE WILL help you make yourself better, stronger, and safer!

Typically we work with three general types of clients:

1. The hard-core men and women who want to get strong, powerful, build unstoppable endurance and injury-proof shoulders, back, and joints for sport, work or just to be among the top 1% of people walking around who could kick some serious butt if trouble were to arise.

2. The man or woman who wants to get ‘fit’. What does ‘fit’ mean, well that is up to the individual. That could mean lean and toned so they look good in a swimsuit, or it could mean strong enough to easily pick up the baby seat out of the back of the car.

3. People with back, shoulder or knee injuries, or people who would classify themselves as ‘out-of-shape’. People who need to develop a base level of strength, mobility, balance, and health in their body before moving onto more strenuous exercise and to just plain enjoy life without pain.

Each needs a unique approach both with exercise selection, mobility and balancing drills, nutrition/lifestyle advice and what we as trainers bring to the table with our own personal experiences. Whether you are just starting a comprehensive exercise program for the first time, or are a hard-core man or woman who wants the straight poop on how to get it DONE, we tailor each session specifically for your needs.

We will ask a lot of questions, but YOU get to decide if you want a supportive trainer or a trainer that barks commands like a drill sergeant. Different strokes for different folks!

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