From time to time, we all need to step away from kettlebells.  Whether it’s forced upon us by a cruel fate, or we just need a little break, some time away can actually be very fruitful for a strong and enduring kettlebell practice. Taking care of yourself upon returning is very important, and here are some pointers on how to do so successfully.

  1. LET YOUR INSTRUCTOR KNOW!  Whether you were sick, injured, coming back from a long trip, or just not feeling 100% that day, please let us know.  We have a diverse and talented coaching staff, but it can be hard to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with each of you individually. Take a moment BEFORE class to let your instructor know what is going on.
  2. BELL DOWN!  If you were on a two month trip or out with a cold, you will NOT be where you were when you left.  Err on the side of caution and go light, slowly building back up to where you were when you took a break.  
  3. ATTEND GROOVE YOUR SWING!  Get back into the swing of things slowly and intelligently.  The swing is the center of the kettlebell universe, and dialing in the details back in will keep you safe.  Get up to speed again with a narrow focus and some coaching specific to one of the most important skills we practice.  
  4. FOCUS ON MOBILITY!  Get to the studio early to warm up.  Roll out, do the GFE, and crawl around a bit. If you have been sitting on a plane for 16 hours, going heavy and hard the next day is perhaps not the best idea… at least not without a KILLER warm up!
  5. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! You are the keeper of your wellness.  If you feel tightness, discomfort, or pain, do not ignore it.   Tell us… we can help you!

It is also important to consider life’s circumstances that may affect your training.  These include any major source of stress, such as:

  1. Illness
  2. Injury
  3. Bodywork like rolfing, massage, spinal manipulation, physical therapy etc.
  4. Recurring loss of sleep
  5. Long bouts of travel
  6. Job stress
  7. Surgery/childbirth/pregnancy
  8. Death of a close friend/family member
  9. Depression/anxiety
  10. Car crash or any life accident
  11. Recent athletic event like a marathon or competition

We look forward to your continued strength and fitness, and keeping you safe when you get back!

-the Kettlebility Crew

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