Below are some of the upcoming events at Kettlebility or hosted by Kettlebility! Click the titles to learn more about each event.


February 2020 

ground-force-methodThere is no better way to help people get STRONG than to teach them how to move well… Fill your toolbox with Ground Force Method teaching progressions and get instant results for your students and clients.

Join us in Seattle, WA February 28th through March 1st at Kettlebility for GFM Levels 1 and 2 Instructor Certification.

Learn more and register here.

March 2020


  • Saturday, March 28: Kettlebility’s Skills Workshop: The Pull Up

kettlebilitys-1Our goal? One PERFECT pull up.

You’ve probably seen many types of pull-ups at your gym or via the social webs, but at StrongFirst, we teach the tactical pull-up. We believe this pull-up is not only the safest for your joints, but also has the best carryover to other strength skills.

Learn more about the PERFECT PULL UP here.

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Instructor: Andrea U-Shi Chang, StrongFirst Master Instructor

April 2020

sfg-iThe SFG Curriculum consists of two levels—SFG I and SFG II—and is our flagship program, developed and refined by StrongFirst Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline. We hold the highest standards in the industry, and the SFG is the most sought-after and respected kettlebell instructor credential in existence.

For more info and to register, click here.

Location: B.well Fitness Studio, Tacoma, WA

Instructors: Andrea U-Shi Chang and Zar Horton, Master StrongFirst Instructors

copy-of-one-day-barbell-courseSerious strength results.

The One-day StrongFirst Barbell Course applies the universal strength principles to the barbell to build greater absolute strength that will carry over to your sport or serve you in everyday life. Before you decide to start using a barbell, however, you must be certain that you are using it safely.


Location: Krav Maga Seattle, Seattle, WA

Instructor: Andrea U-Shi Chang, Master StrongFirst Instructor

  • Saturday, April 25: Kettlebility’s Skills Workshop – The Turkish Get Up

skillzThe TGU is an elegant exercise that combines almost every shape your body needs to move through and every motor pattern necessary for human development and function. There is a reason this exercise has been around for such a long time. Learn more about the Turkish Get Up.

Learn how to do your BEST Turkish Get Up yet!

Registration details coming soon.

Instructor: Andrea U-Shi Chang, Master StrongFirst Instructor

May 2020


untitled-design-1The StrongFirst Bodyweight Course teaches you how to get a powerlifting-quality strength workout, anytime, anywhere, and using only your bodyweight as resistance. Theodore Roosevelt got it right when he said, “Do what you can with what you have where you are.” We will equip you to do just that.

Learn more and register here.

Instructor: Andrea U-Shi Chang, Master StrongFirst Instructor

rStrongFirst RESILIENT gets us out of our regular groove, going beyond conventional “correct” technique to expand our comfort and buffer zones. We explore the edges of our abilities safely, step-by-step, with a clear aim and purpose. Get ready to gain from orderly disorder.

Reserve your spot!

Instructor: Pavel Macek, Master StrongFirst Instructor

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