• Flexible Steel Indian Club Certification | July 13 –14, 2019

    Saturday, July 13 | 9 am – 6 pm  +  Sunday, July 14| 9 am – 4 pm The  Flexible  Steel  Indian  Club  Specialty Certification is an intensive 2-day training that will go far, beyond just teaching you a few basic swing patterns. You will learn how to translate the basics and beyond to different movement patterns,  squat/lunge etc. We will teach advanced techniques to expand your Indian Club knowledge and fun. After this

  • Core Pressurization & Stability Workshop | April 6, 2019

    Proper core “pressurization” is not only essential for back health, to be able live WELL and to stay out of pain, but it is very essential to get the most out your Kettlebell practice, Barbell, and Bodyweight techniques. But what IS core pressurization? What is optimal positioning for the best stability of your spine and

  • Self-defense Course for All | April 6 + May 11, 2019

    A down-to-earth, easy to learn, reality-based course designed for anyone, regardless of age, size, strength, gender, and experience (or lack thereof). This course will teach you how to anticipate potential confrontations in the street, react to a surprise attack, escape or fight with simple techniques and principles that work on any aggressor. The course also

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