• Instructor Spotlight: Raphael Puletz

    Instructor Spotlight: Raphael Puletz

    Raphael Puletz, FMS1, GFM1 This 25-year-old Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, native started his kettlebell training in 2015 as an undergraduate in health education, kinesiology and exercise science at Oklahoma State University. Raphael started out teaching himself through RKC and Pavel Tsatsouline books and videos. But he really got serious in 2017 when he started working with

  • 4 Pushup Mistakes

    4 Pushup Mistakes

    I have always LOVED doing pushups. Pushups can be done anywhere.  You can use them to build strength, endurance, and power in the upper body.  There are ENDLESS variations. They are scalable from grandma to elite bodyweight strength specialists.    Here at Kettlebilty, our 3 Elements Skills Test includes 5 pushups with perfect form.  This

  • John Hagen: Riding the Wave

    John Hagen: Riding the Wave

    At 58, John decided it was time to act on a lifelong dream and learn to surf. Last summer, he packed his bags for a weeklong Costa Rica surf school and turned that dream into a reality—with the help of Kettlebility training. Facing blistering heat and hours of tough physical work in the surf building

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