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  • 02AUG
    SFG Prep Course

    SFG Prep Course

    KETTLEBILITY’S INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION PREP WORKSHOP SERIES Course Instructors: Andrea U-Shi Chang, SFG Master Instructor Kevin Knapp, SFG Josh Malison, SFG, SFB Do you want to achieve your SFG kettlebell instructor certification on the weekend you attend? Did you know that ONLY 70% of all attendees succeed when attending? Do you know why? Learn the reasons why, and learn HOW to

  • 17JUL
    Strong Again: the Journey Back to Strength

    Strong Again: the Journey Back to Strength

    I’m at a gym in Shanghai, China, doing a Turkish Get Up for the FIRST time in more than a MONTH… IT FEELS SO GOOD…! I have missed training, lifting, moving, and enjoying being strong in my body. Being able to move, without discomfort or pain, is such an underated gift. A few people close

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