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  • 01APR
    Meet Najee Ladd-Ali: Body and Mind

    Meet Najee Ladd-Ali: Body and Mind

    Suffering from back and knee pain and a leg injury, Najee Ladd-Ali started working with Kettlebility owner Andrea U-Shi Chang at 17. A serious basketball and football player at Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School, Najee was an elite, broken athlete. Many competitive athletes like Najee come to the studio for elite performance coaching to help

  • 27FEB
    Meet Madelon: From Frail to Fantastic!

    Meet Madelon: From Frail to Fantastic!

    At 69, Madelon Bolling will make you rethink your fears about the aging process. She is ridiculously sinewy, has a 240lb barbell deadlift (her goal is to lift double her body weight), and has the posture of a ballet dancer. She is the poster child for how you can safely get stronger at any age.

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