• Ankles, Feet and the Front Chain Workshop | September 22nd 2018

    Ankles, Feet and the Front Chain Workshop | September 22nd 2018


    Ankles, Feet and the Front Chain Workshop with NorthWest Sports Rehab’s Anthony Aamodt, DC, MS, SFG II, SFB, SFL

    What can you do about your feet and ankles to help you get stronger, more mobile AND stable, better performance, integration and movement capacity, out of pain, and back into your body?

    This workshop is focused on getting your ankles and feet working better for what you want to do – no matter your goal. Open to anyone who wants to optimize their training, rehab injuries OR to avoid them. Dr Anthony Aamodt will work with the group on:

    1- Functional self screening – what range of movement do you own, and what can you do about it?2- Do you have full function? What does that even mean?What can you do to restore full function, or to make what you have even better!

    3- Are you READY to load? Now that you know what is on the table, what can you do to lock in the changes that you’ve worked on?  Dr. Anthony will show you how to train for success and durability!

    Join us and get moving from the ground up!


    • Members: $10
    • Non-members: $25



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