• April 22-23, 2017- SFB Bodyweight Instructor Certification – Seattle, WA

    April 22-23, 2017- SFB Bodyweight Instructor Certification – Seattle, WA

    The StrongFirst Bodyweight Curriculum and training methodology was developed by our Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline. At this two-day event, SFB Candidates will learn our principle-based bodyweight training system to get a powerlifting-quality strength practice session—anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

    The SFB certification goes far beyond all other bodyweight Certifications. This Curriculum will make you a stronger and better strength coach, and you will learn how to teach this high-tension, high-quality system to others.

    Our SFB Certifications are taught by the most qualified bodyweight instructors on the planet, all hand-picked by Pavel or Chief SFB Karen Smith. To earn this Certification, each SFB Candidate must meet a high standard in strength, movement skill, and coaching.

    The following foundational bodyweight skills are taught at the SFB Certification:

    The Push: One-Arm One-Leg Pushup, Wall-Supported Handstand Pushup
    The Pull: Tactical Pull-up, Hanging Leg Raise, Front Lever
    The Squat: Pistol

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