Teaching and music are Bethany’s passions. The classically trained vocalist has been teaching group fitness classes for a decade and music to elementary schoolers for nearly two. And that deep experience and dedication influences the way she teaches at Kettlebility.


“I really want people to be successful in every class I teach,” Bethany explains. “Scanning the class and checking in with everyone, providing feedback, acknowledging when something is done well, scaffolding instruction … all these skills I’ve developed in the classroom over the last two decades I naturally apply in the studio.” 


As far as her sports career, that ended in middle school, when Bethany chose the spring musical over her regular basketball season. A heavy barbell lifter as an adult, Bethany gradually became kettlebell-curious and landed at Kettlebility as a student in 2018.  Since then, she says she’s learned how to turn on muscles she never knew she had. (Hello, butt.) She’s stronger than she’s ever been. And she’s learned to appreciate the elegance of a well-executed lift—and the sense of accomplishment it provides. 


“I’ve developed patience and gratitude for the lifelong journey of learning how to move my body better,” the now-40-year-old says.


And kettlebells have helped Bethany cultivate that patience by training her to listen to her body. She completed her SFG 1 in fall 2019 but realized at the certification that she needed additional training to pass the required five-minute snatch test. Injuries to her back and a broken finger made snatch training impossible. While she thinks she’s on the cusp of getting back to snatching, she knows her body is in charge. “I will let my body be my guide rather than try to push myself to an arbitrary external deadline. When I’m ready, I’m ready.” 


Bethany earned degrees in music education at Houghton College (undergraduate) and SUNY Fredonia, both in New York State. She completed her coursework for a PhD in music education at the University of Washington.




Bethany’s certifications include GFM 1 & 2 and CPR. She’s passed all her skills for SFG 1 certification and will be battling the mandatory five-minute snatch test when her body tells her it’s ready. (Smart woman.) 


7 Questions with Bethany

  1.  Favorite health food you couldn’t live without: 


Grass fed beef (burger, steak, roast … I love it ALL!)

  1. Favorite non-health food you couldn’t live without: 

Chocolate (and doughnuts for my biannual doughnut craving)

  1. Favorite KB technique: 

Swings & TGUs

  1. Proudest moment: 

Getting the lead in the HS musical my senior year; Getting a full ride to UW; choosing to leave a toxic relationship and discovering the amazing woman that I am.  

  1. Who are your heroes?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Lizzo. Beyonce. Nikkita Oliver. Strong women who are unapologetically themselves and do not shrink or give up in the face of adversity.

  1. What’s on your bucket list? 

Travel. Go to a baseball game in every stadium in the US.  See the Cubs win a few more World Series titles 

  1. Your mantra?

“I am enough.” And: “Live to train another day.”


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