• Breathing for Performance | October 14, 2018

    This workshop led by Vic Verdier will help you breathe better, have more energy, and optimize your training!


    In a matter of a couple of hours, you’ll be introduced to extremely efficient exercises that you’ll be able to implement immediately and practice on a regular basis. These exercises have been proven to:
    • Delay the onset of fatigue and lactic acid
    • Improve aerobic performance and VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake)
    • Improve delivery of oxygen to organs and working muscles
    • Reduce breathlessness during physical exercise
    • Help prevent exercise induced asthma
    • Help maintain fitness during rest or injury
    • Help maintain focus and concentration during competition


    In other words, anyone, regardless of their level of fitness, experience and physical activity, will benefit from improving their breathing!



    Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018

    Time: 10a.m. – 1p.m.

    Location: 905 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115


    • Members: $35
    • Non-members: $45


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