• Food For Thought: Building Inner Strength

    Food For Thought: Building Inner Strength

    Food For Thought…

    How to keep building our INNER STRENGTH during this new environment in which we find ourselves is a very appropriate questions these days.

        Train your mental and emotional body, as well as your physical self.

    Your body is stronger than you think and it WILL give you what you need, when you need it, IF you feed it the right mindset. That’s as important as the right nutrients. A positive mindset and an even pace will get you through even the roughest of times. Moving your body in intentional ways

    Simple Home Training Idea For This Week:

    Use the Kettlebility LOCK DOWN CHALLENGE to spice up your home training and get a full body – a simple yet not so easy –training session in for the day. You’ll feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

    Choosing DAY1 as our inspiration, here is our suggestion for this week’s complex:

    • 1 Unloaded or loaded Get Up on each side
    • 10 Swings, High Pulls, Snatches, or Tippy Toe Squats
    • 5/5 Front Squats (or 10 bodyweight Squats)
    • Repeat 10 times for a complete 15-20 minute training session!
    • Watch DAY1 for your inspiration here: DAY1 VIDEO LINK

    You can find the full play list of all the days here: LOCK DOWN PLAYLIST .

    Thanks to everyone who continues to support us during this time. We promise to pay it forward..

    Andrea and Vic

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