• Food For Thought: Decide, Commit, Act

    Food For Thought: Decide, Commit, Act


    To say that a lot of things have happened this last week is an understatement at best. Protests, riots, and still the ever present lockdown in Seattle. So much happening all at once, seemingly everywhere, equals quite a bit of overload, externally and internally. How do we think, act, and comport ourselves authentically and responsibly? How do we get the best reps working towards that authenticity with internal strength and fortitude?

    Decide, commit, and act.

    Being strong relies on the efficient use of energy. Not only in physical training does indecision sap energy and promote the failure to act. Learning to be decisive is important. But, there is no need to rush the process. Good decision making includes taking the time for inner thought, the intelligent investigation of the pertinent variables, and the consideration of what resonates personally. All these things help to end the war of indecision. Consider that strong decision making is a gift you give to yourself and others. Know your conscience, be your conscience, act your conscience.

    Simple Home Training Idea For This Week:

    Use the Kettlebility LOCK DOWN CHALLENGE to spice up your home training and get a full body – a simple yet not so easy – training session in for the day. You’ll feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

    Choosing DAY14 as our inspiration, here is our suggestion for this week’s complex:

    • 10/10 Bird Dogs
    • 10/10 Chair Lunges
    • 20 Prone Hip Bridges
    • 20 Tippy Toe Squats
    • Repeat 5 times for a complete 15-20 minute training session!
    • Watch DAY14 for your inspiration here: DAY14 VIDEO LINK

    You can find the full play list of all the days here: LOCK DOWN PLAYLIST .

    Thanks to everyone who continues to support us during this time. We promise to pay it forward..

    Andrea and Vic

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