• Food For Thought: Self-Control in Adversity

    Food For Thought: Self-Control in Adversity


    Training our bodies AND our minds has always been important, but no more so than now. Looking towards global, long-term goals, can help bring the awareness to the journey. Rome was not built in one day, and change can only occur with perseverance and continued awareness of our chosen path.

    Practice calm and self-control in adversity.

    Aggression eats away at strength and creativity, replacing them with hostility and closemindedness. Panic also weakens the soul, preoccupying the mind and prohibiting our ability to make intelligent non-reactive choices. When feeling particularly reactive, take a step back, and breathe. Replacing that frantic negativity with calm, controlled perseverance, will help us achieve whatever we set out to do.

    Simple Home Training Idea For This Week:

    Use the Kettlebility LOCK DOWN CHALLENGE to spice up your home training and get a full body – a simple yet not so easy –training session in for the day. You’ll feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

    Choosing DAY10 as our inspiration, here is our suggestion for this week’s complex:

    • 5/5 Standing Halo
    • 10 Swings (of your choice, or snatches)
    • 10 Alternating Halo + Squat
    • 10 Swings
    • 10 Alternating Halo + Side Lunge
    • 10 Swings
    • 5/5 Forward/Backward 4pt or 6pt crawling
    • Repeat 3 times for a complete 15-20 minute training session!
    • Watch DAY10 for your inspiration here: DAY10 VIDEO LINK

    You can find the full play list of all the days here: LOCK DOWN PLAYLIST .

    Thanks to everyone who continues to support us during this time. We promise to pay it forward..

    Andrea and Vic

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