• June 3-4 Ground Force Method Level I Certification | Seattle

    June 3-4 Ground Force Method Level I Certification | Seattle

    unnamedThere is no better way to get STRONG than to learn how to move well…Ground Force Method is back in Seattle -June 3-4 at the Kettlebility Studio – with GFM Global Instructor and Master SFG Instructor Andrea U-Shi Chang!

    If you are interested in restorative and integrative movement that has progressions and regressions for any level of ability – movement that gets you strong – and movement that is more fun than you can shake a stick at – then GFM should be in your tool kit not only as an instructor, but for your own athletic goals.

    What sets GFM apart, is that it is a cohesive system with FMS correctives built in to the movement patterns, and a neurological basis for seeing and building healthy movement – all programmed with games and movement flows to keep it fun and relatable. GFM is FMS’ first system partner.

    GFM is great for teams, kids, and adults of all ages, sizes, and abilities – and is easily integrated into any fitness, strength, or skill based training protocol.

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