• Keep Fear out of Your Decisions

    Keep Fear out of Your Decisions

    Food For Thought…

    Finding ways to keep building the best person we can be, for ourselves andthose around us, on a daily basis can be tricky in these times, so try this on and see how it fits:

    ┬áDon’t let fear factor into your decision making.

    Rejecting opportunities because of the fear that it can’t be done, or something might go wrong. There is need to consider the pros and cons of our decisions, but be self-aware, too. Now we are leaving total lock down and moving into new stages of opening up.

    For some of us, leaving the comfort and relative safety of our homes feels VERY similar to taking on a new life challenge, jumping into something adventurous (and potential discomfort) in order to learn something new, and/or taking a calculated risk for a particular reward.

    Ask yourself, are you able to accurately identify the potential risks, or are you caught up in being just plain fearful? If that next step allows you to grow and flourish, but fear is keeping you from the next step/adventure/challenge, then you are allowing it to defeat you, derailing your growth and development. Make a plan, do the research, and push your own boundaries…the personal gains are immense!

    Simple Home Training Idea For This Week:

    Use the Kettlebility LOCK DOWN CHALLENGE to spice up your home training and get a full body – a simple yet not so easy –training session in for the day. You’ll feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

    Choosing DAY2 as our inspiration, here is our suggestion for this week’s complex:

    • 10 Bodyweight Squats
    • 5 Perfect Push Ups
    • 10/10 Bone Rhythm Lunges
    • 5 Chair Dips
    • Watch DAY2 for your inspiration here: DAY2 VIDEO LINK

    You can find the full play list of all the days here: LOCK DOWN PLAYLIST .

    Thanks to everyone who continues to support us during this time. We promise to pay it forward..

    Andrea and Vic

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