• May 5-7 – Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

    May 5-7 – Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance


    May 5-7, 2017 at Kettlebility!

    EEP is a 3-day, 21-hour course.

    (Around the nervous system in 3 days – while sailing past limits for any sport)

    What keeps your clients from becoming the elite athletes you know they could be? (And how can you get them running faster, lifting heavier, jumping higher, & moving better than 99% of their opponents?) It has less to do with natural athleticism, sports-specific drills, cardio, weight training exercises, and jedi mindset tricks than most people think.

    If you want to create the kinds of performance improvements clients will pay premium fees to achieve, you need to learn a highly specialized language.

    Most of us are attempting the equivalent of running for President of France – without ever having learned French.

    To become elite athletes, we need to learn to speak the language of the nervous system, which governs athletic performance.

    By using specific movements to communicate with the nervous system, you can overrule the limits of your body without causing injury.

    Let us show you how.
    Take the Z-Health 3-Day Essentials of Elite Performance Workshop. 3 days. Irreversible performance improvements. A crazy-profitable business.

    The 3-Day Essentials of Elite Performance Workshop is a high-intensity workshop for the organ in your body that requires more energy than any muscle. That would be your brain.

    Although your other muscles will be enlisted for some focused, concentrated exercises, it’s your brain that will receive the most intense workout.

    Your old assumptions will be tossed on their heads (gently). You’ll acquire a new lens to see the world and your work and your clients. Mind-blowing would not be overstating it.

    Register now!

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