How to get started

To begin with, you can start by learning your swing in our Groove Your Swing Class. As a matter of fact, Groove Your Swing is the perfect introduction to the proper and safe way to use kettlebells for dramatic gains in strength, fitness and fat loss. For this reason, we recommend starting with our New Student Start Up Package if you’re new to kettlebells and our studio.


New students will learn the kettlebell swing in Groove Your Swing. More advanced students will have their form reviewed and will be given an assessment. You’ll learn proper stance, body positions, timing, angles, and breathing all involved with the Hardstyle Swing. The Hardstyle Swing is the basic cornerstone movement of the StrongFirst School of Strength that all kettlebell exercises are built upon.

From there, the class continues on with proper method and timing of muscle activation/relaxation cycles. As a result, you’ll maximize strength development, force generation, and dynamic flexibility while training. With this approach, we really emphasize the importance of safety & handling of kettlebells.

Moving forward, you can take a short skills test and join the 3-Elements class. The New Student Start Up package is a full month of unlimited group classes. In other words, you can come to as many classes as you want! You can view our class schedule here.
To expedite the process, you can access the client intake form here.


Cost: $150

The New Student Start up Package includes:

  • 30 days of unlimited Group Classes
  • 30 minutes of personal Training with one of our experienced Instructors
  • 30 minutes of Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching




Please note: Our goal is to get each student ready for all of our group classes as soon as possible. However, it is up to the trainer’s discretion to clear you to continue with our Groove Your Swing Class, to have you complete a skills test and advance into another level, or to recommend individual training. Safety and healthy movement is our highest priority. With that being said, some people may need additional training in order to safely join our group class structure.

Individual instruction can be arranged by emailing us here: info@kettlebility.com

All new students to Kettlebility must either participate in the New Student Start Up package, or arrange for a private instruction session with a Kettlebility instructor to determine what class level to be placed in, or to ensure the basic class requirements are met. Until then, new students are eligible to register for the Groove Your Swing classes.


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