Kettlebility’s SFG2 Instructor Prep Course

Register here for this workshop series, and commit to success on your SFG2 weekend.

You already know that the standards are high for ALL StrongFirst Certifications, and the SFG2 Kettlebell Instructor Certification is no exception. StrongFirst Master Instructor Andrea U-Shi Chang, along with StrongFirst Elite Instructors, Vic Verdier and Dr. Anthony Aamodt, will help you learn what is needed on your certification weekend — no matter when you attend. Learn what YOU need to succeed where others fail in this 3-part workshop series.
Absolute strength, mobility and stability are all essential for success at the SFG2 Instructor Certifications. Additionally, all the SFG1 skills are tested and reviewed on Day 1. Making sure that ALL your level 1 skills are dialed in are the first key to your SFG2 success. The second key is understanding the principle set that encompass the level 2 skills, and being able to perform them to standard:
  • Windmill
  • Bent Press
  • Double Kettlebell Push Press
  • Double Kettlebell Jerk
  • Double Kettlebell Snatch
  • Strength Test: 1/2 bodyweight (men) or 1/3 bodyweight (women)
    Single-arm Kettlebell Press (see standards for additional weight class information)

The third key is understanding how to program effectively for your Level 2 Strength Test, the Press.  The good news is that you have 6 months post certification weekend to achieve your Press. In this SFG2 Workshop Series you will receive individualized protocols, training plans, and realistic goals so that you will OWN your press.

The SFG2 is coming up soon – December 7-8! Make sure you know all the rules and requirements and register for the certification here! If you aren’t ready for the cert yet, but have it as a future goal, CONTINUE READING. Preparation never starts too early.
The SFG2 focuses on 5 skills in addition to those tested in the SFG1. In addition to the skills portion, you will also be tested on strength. This entails a one-arm kettlebell clean and press, with a weight requirement based on age and weight class.

This workshop includes:

  • Time tested conditioning and strengthening protocols
  • Progressive sessions that will build your strength and skill
  • How to master the additional skills
  • Homework and training logs to ensure your success
  • “Ah-ha” drills and form fixes
  • How to build your strength endurance
  • Learning the discerning coach’s eye
  • Individual training and sustenance plan specific to your needs
  • Must know safety procedures
  • Hand care and hardening methods
  • Info on what is important for the SFG2 cert weekend
  • What is expected if you are to be THE standout student
  • Boost your grip strength, and much more…

Dates and Times:

  • Sunday, November 17, 10am-12pm
  • Sunday, November 24, 10am-12pm
  • Sunday, December 1, 10am-12pm


$299.00 +tax. (includes all three days of the workshop)

Register here for this workshop series, and commit to success on your SFG2 weekend.


If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@kettlebility.com

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