• SFG Prep Course

    SFG Prep Course


    Course Instructors:

    • Andrea U-Shi Chang, SFG Master Instructor
    • Kevin Knapp, SFG
    • Josh Malison, SFG, SFB

    Do you want to achieve your SFG kettlebell instructor certification on the weekend you attend?

    Did you know that ONLY 70% of all attendees succeed when attending? Do you know why?

    Learn the reasons why, and learn HOW to succeed where others fail!

    Watch video on the SFGI experience>>> SFGI

    • Time tested conditioning and strengthening protocols
    • Progressive sessions that will build your strength and skill
    • How to master the 6 forms
    • Homework and training logs to insure your success
    • “Ah-ha” drills and form fixes
    • How to build your strength endurance
    • Learning the discerning coach’s eye
    • Individual training and sustenance plans specific to your needs
    • Must know safety proceedures
    • Hand care and hardening methods 
    • Info on what is important for the SFG or RKC three-day cert weekend
    • What is expected if you are to be THE standout student
    • Boost your grip strength, and much more…

    Workshop series starts Saturday, August 12 at 12:30pm


    Register for: Seattle 3-day SFG Level I Certification date: September 22-24

    Watch video on the SFGI testing standards>>> SFGI

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    Workshop Series Dates:

    August 12
    August 19
    August 26
    September 2nd
    September 9th
    September 16th

    Work sessions are on Saturdays from 12:30pm-2:30pm

    Cost: $499**


    Most hopeful candidate instructors that want to succeed will coach with an SFG instructor multiple times prior to their certification weekend – instructor hourly rates run anywhere from $85-175 per hour – and more than one session is typical – SAVE MORE THAN $600 with a workshop series like this and get the instruction you need to reach your investment and your goal…

    *If you are unable to attend all the sessions, we will work with you and find a solution

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