Are you READY to LEAP into 2020?

If you ready to take on a new MINDSET, and to CHALLENGE yourself to meet your goals head-on, YOU can reap the REWARDS that are gained by three simple concepts: GRIT, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE

Our Transformation Challenges are built around helping YOU create a better life, through gaining a stronger more mobile body. Learn how to create realistic and sustainable habits for living well.

Learn to LIVE well, and BE WELL. 

The 12-week Transformation Challenge about learning new skills and making lasting lifestyle changes—mental, physical and nutritional—while learning how to attain realistic goals, one after another, with the support of a community of like-minded people.

We’ll teach you how to incorporate strength training, movement, nutritious food, and stress management into your daily routine. Create better habits for a longer and more enjoyable life.


Many of our Challenge participants not only lose 10-20 pounds, they also GAIN muscle and LOSE fat. On average, most people lose around 10 inches in total and between 3-5% body fat. Break old habits that are holding you back and create new ones that will move you forward. It’s all about making realistic, lasting change for your overall wellness.

Reach your GOALS.

The Challenge is built around consistent training, mindfulness, and healthy eating designed to minimize inflammation. You will eat real food—no crash diets or paid packaged meal plans here. It’s hard work. It’s a commitment. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be amply supported by your Challenge teammates and our Kettlebility crew. We are here help you every step of the way.

The Basics – What You Need to Know:

  • You must attend the mandatory Get Started Meeting on Saturday, February 15th @ 1pm in order to join our Challenge.
  • You come to at least 4 classes a week, plus regularly scheduled special skill classes, mobility sessions and accountability meetings.
  • You will eat within certain guidelines and log your meals.
  • You learn to set goals and evaluate your habits on a daily and weekly basis.
  • You are supported and held accountable by yourself, your Kettlebility team, and your fellow Challengers via a special members-only private webpage.


Sound daunting? It’s not.

We promise that it totally doable, and it could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!




The Get Started Meeting: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH AT 1PM

ALL Challengers MUST attend the GETTING STARTED MEETING in order to be eligible for the following 12-week journey. This meeting is MANDATORY in order to participate in the current Challenge.

In this meeting you will learn:

  • Detailed information on key Challenge programs
  • Requirements for participation
  • The accountability quotient
  • Expectations for each individual and the group
  • How our Challenge becomes YOUR Challenge
  • ALL questions are good questions, and will be answered!

At the end of our first meeting, and if you are READY to take on the Challenge – you and your team will pledge to work hard together for the next 12-weeks!





Kettlebility 12-week Transformation Challenge 2020 cost: $1125 (or three equal monthly payments of $375)

Current Kettlebility members pay a Challenge Upgrade fee depending on the level of your membership to join the Challenge – members click here to upgrade:

New Students and returning members to the studio may be eligible to take advantage of our special competitive Groupon Rate. Contact us via this link and ask for more information by clicking here: GET ME STARTED TODAY!

Have more questions?  Call us today (425-224-7110) or email us at info@kettlebility.com – we can’t wait to help you get started!


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