Welcome to Kettlebility!

Thanks for trying out what we do at Kettlebility!  Here is your next step…

As a new student, you are eligible to register on-line for our Groove Your Swing Classes.

Our Groove Your Swing Class is where you will learn the cornerstone movement of ALL kettlebell training – the SWING.  You’ll work on your swing skills in this class until you are ready to take our skills test and advance into our next level, the 3-Elements, ourDramatic Results Kettlebell Boot Camp Classes, and our Skills Workshop Classes.  You earn the right to progress along the path of our school of strength.  Go here to learn more about how Kettlebility structures our classes>>> GROUP CLASSES
Pacing yourself is key in any kind of skills training – there are all kinds of fitness levels in our studio, and we want you to succeed.  Knowing your limits is important because we want your strength and skill to grow, not for you to become so fatigued that you cannot execute proper form and perhaps get injured.  Your fitness will explode if you learn how to move WELL… Remember, movement with pain will only make you hurt more and get weak – if you experience pain or discomfort with any exercises, tell the instructor IMMEDIATELY – we can help you fix your form so that you get what you need, without pain…
Read our Student and Member Success Guide here>>> SUCCESS GUIDE
For students of Kettlebility, the deeper practice of skill and form is imperative – we want you to put your strength and conditioning on top of a good strong foundation. Don’t worry, you’ll be sweating…you’ll see 🙂
That being said, you could be VERY sore (especially your glutes and hamstrings) after your first couple of classes with us, and that means you are doing it correctly.  We promise that you will NEVER be that sore again…unless you stop kettlebelling… 🙂 We will have helpful suggestions to keep you feeling good, and ready for more!
If you’re ready to get started, here is what to do:

Step one: Don’t forget to complete your intake forms and bring them with you to your first class.  We will need them for you to join us.  Go here to get them>>> INTAKE FORMS.  We want to know who you are and what is going on with your body so we can help you achieve your goals. You cannot start class without your forms.

Step two: Our weekly class schedule is below – click on the calendar/registration link to go to our on-line scheduler, log in and register for your first class!  See you soon!

*all classes are subject to change – check our on-line calendar
If you have any questions or need help with on-line registration, please contact us here: info@kettlebility.com or you can call us at 425-224-7110



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