• Core Pressure & Stability Workshop | April 13, 2019

    Proper core “pressurization” is not only essential for back health, to be able to live WELL and to stay out of pain, but it is very essential to get the most out your Kettlebell practice, Barbell, and Bodyweight techniques.

    But what IS core pressurization? What is optimal positioning for the best stability of your spine and hips for longevity and durability no matter what you do?

    Dr. Anthony will cover:
    • What is pressurization of the core and how to access your strength more effectively
    • What is a stable core while training and the checkpoints for success
    • Easy to remember drills to enhance core stability and hard style lifting techniques
    • Why the low back gets stronger and more resilient with hard style training and tension techniques and how you can integrate easy-to-perform drills every day for fast results
    • How to stay out of pain AND out of your doctor’s office, smart advice from a Doctor!

    Instructor: Dr. Anthony Aamodt, DC, MS, StrongFirst Elite Instructor, Kettlebility Instructor

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