• KPP & Advanced KPP | April 27-28, 2019

    Resolve to Evolve with us and enlighten perspectives on “working out”, connection, communication, and friendship.

    Join us for 2 fun-filled days of passing kettlebells. If you have never passed before, Great….. this is an opportunity to move beyond your fears, learn directly to pass from the founder of KPP and to pass with other instructors and students of different skill levels.

    If you experienced KPP last year and loved it as much as we do this is your opportunity to develop your skills deeper, learn more about why KPP is what it is, what it can do for you and to develop single arm skills that will give you superhero strength like a BOSS.

    Level 1 is a 4-hour workshop starting at 12:00 pm on Saturday the 27th of April. Arrive early to fill out paperwork, we begin promptly at high noon and will end at 4:00pm however, save time for dinner afterward and pinballing for those who still have the neural capacity.

    Who can attend Level 1?
    This workshop is open to people with Kettlebell experience. You must have a solid understanding of the kettlebell swing. To participate, you must be able to demonstrate safe Kettlebell swing technique and we must feel confident with your swing.

    Level 2 is a 4-hour workshop starting at 12:00 pm on Sunday the 28th of April. You must attend level one in order to attend level two. Level two focus on perfecting the two hand swing and progressing into single hand passing patterns to get you prepared for freestyle KPP™ and Volleybell™. We will be playing pinball again after, just an FYI!

    Who can attend Level 2?
    Level two can be attended by people who have taken level one or people who have tested out with me and have the approval to do so.

    What you can expect:
    1. Your fears to be put at ease
    2. To safely throw a kettlebell
    3. To safely catch a kettlebell
    4. Basic two hand passing
    5. Single hand patterns
    6. Single hand passing drills
    7. To let go and trust your body and your partner
    8. How to communicate and cooperate more effectively
    9. Heightened Flow state with your partner
    10. Feelings of wellbeing, calm and euphoria.

    What You will need:
    1. Comfortable workout clothes.
    2. Plenty of Water and Snacks if desired
    3. Open mind and heart
    4. Willingness to explore, be vulnerable and authentic
    5. Towel.

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