• Refining The Get Up – The Post Drill

    Refining The Get Up – The Post Drill

    Kettlebility Crew’s Training Tip Of The Week: Refining The Get Up – The Post Drill with Andrea U-Shi Chang, Senior SFG and guest instructor, Zar Horton, Master SFG.

    Keep flopping and falling through in the Get Up? Getting off the floor to the elbow and getting back down is arguably the most difficult part of the Get Up progression to own. You might be having to throw yourself up with momentum, lunging up off the floor to your elbow – sound familiar? Without the SKILL of movement integration, you are most likely not getting the MOST out of one of the BEST kettlebell movements. Check out how this training tip makes understanding what to do and when as easy as visualizing a post…and get STRONGER…


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